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What will I get from the

Protect it & Forget it™ Bundle?

Done for you protection service that gives you Patent Pending Status for 12 months

We have years of experience, and know the very best methods. Let us take care of your patent, so you can “forget it” and move on to the fun stuff.

  • Starter Patent Service by our expert team
    • Gain that all-important ‘patent pending’ status on your marketing materials.
    • You’ll be respected by investors, backers, and licensees.
    • You can confidently share your brilliant ideas with the world, knowing they are protected.
  • ™ on your invention
    • You’ll be respected by investors, backers, and licensees.
    • You can confidently share your invention, knowing it is protected.
  • Ongoing Support
    • We won’t take your money, file something, and then leave you hanging.
    • We explain what you should be doing after filing.
    • We give you the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to navigate the near future safely.

A clear step-by-step path to getting your inventions protected

No more feeling overwhelmed trying to piece it all together from various articles, books, attorneys, and fellow inventors. 


Fill out our online form for a free consultation

No confidential information about your invention is shared. We will call you or email you, depending on your preference. If we decide to work together, we proceed to step 2.


Our team of experts gets you ‘Patent Pending’ and ‘TM’

We will send you an NDA and a questionnaire to get started. Then our team of experts will get you ‘Patent Pending’ and ‘TM’ in two weeks or less.


Your invention is protected!

You can now share your brilliant invention with the world with the peace of mind that it is securely protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Most of the inventions we file a patent for are still in development. It’s best to file early because ‘first to patent’ gets ownership not ‘first to invent’. If someone else is working on the same idea you may lose out. If the invention changes later we can update and refile it. This protects all of the improvements you come up with as your invention develops.

Yes, it does. We will file at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once filed, you will have ‘patent-pending’ in the US. There is an international patent agreement called ‘Paris convention for the protection of industrial property’. This lets you use the US filing date in other countries for up to 12 months.

For example, let’s say we have just filed in the US. Six months later you decide to file full patents in the UK, Japan, and Australia. These applications can ‘claim priority’ to the US application, and use its filing date. So they will count as having been in effect the entire time. It’s a wonderful rule and a huge money-saver. So yes, you have international coverage.

Legal Zoom offers an automated service for $199. This is essentially making you do it yourself. Their custom writing services start at $900.

We only need about 10 minutes of your time in order for us to get started. All you need to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and we’ll do the rest.

Be the inventor you Dream of becoming!

You now have the tools and strategy to move much faster than your competition. They’ll be eating your dust as you steam ahead. We hope our advice saves you some time and money. That’s always our goal. But more than that, we wish you great inventing success. Chase your dreams, and make them happen. We believe in you.

Protect it and forget it bundle. Provisional patent application service and 4 part protection video course. By The Pragmatic Penguin and Rory Flanagan.

Protect it & Forget it™ Bundle

£ 615
  • Patent Pending Status
  • 'TM' on Brand name, slogan, logo
  • On-going support
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"Excellent service - Rory is everything the reviews say he is. A professional to the core. You know a person knows his stuff when they explain it in terms anyone can understand. A completely painless and a very pleasant experience! Thank you Rory!"
"If you have doubts on patents or provisional patents applications - Rory is your man!! Great guy to work with. He is very knowdgeable on IP and what is more important, he provides advice on how things work on IP in a PRACTICAL manner. Before going for a patent or PPA, talking to Rory is great idea. Also, when filing a PPA, he makes all the process easy and smooth, providing clear explanations."
Luis Tovar
"The communication with Rory was very easy and the result was super accurate and in no time. I highly recommend Rory for any patent/strategy!"
"Rory has a wealth of knowledge. He doesn't shy away from sharing his shortcuts and lessons he clearly learned from several trials to save us precious time and money. He honestly states when we are venturing outside of his areas of expertise. Rory has knowledge and integrity, I will definitely work with him again."
Selma Benkiran
"Rory is a real help. He demystifies the USPTO website and application processes. He has printscreens of most things you should be doing. He just made applying for a provisional patent to be as easy a thing anyone can do. He provides advice on a wide range of topics related to patents. I found this advice to be very good and most helpful."
Andrew Orr
"Rory is terrific. Very practical. Very efficient. Very helpful. I'd be happy to use him again and highly recommend him."
Rob Malcolm
"Rory is easy to work with and has a breadth of experience."
"Rory was an absolute pleasure to work with. Everything he did exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond the scope of work. His experience in the entire field of inventing, as well as applying for patents, significantly reduced the time it has taken me to get a working prototype of a brand new product, as well as reduce the risk associated with the intellectual property side of the equation. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to launch a product."
"Rory was great help with the overall process of my product. It was comforting knowing I was receiving quality advice and protection as we worked together step by step. I highly recommend working with Rory and I hope in the future we can work together again. Rory gave me quality advise and consultation for an ongoing project I had. He was able to review my product and provide a logical and economical direction for my project."
Fraser Wronko
"Rory is very responsive, knowledgeable and customer focused. Will work with him again on future projects."
"Great work! Easy communication! Very helpful! The process was so precise. It was a pleasure working with Rory! Definitely will hire him again!"
Lior Lev
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Enter coupon code NEWYEARS23 at checkout for 23% off