Protect it & Forget it™ Bundle

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Done for you patent process by our expert team. Let us “protect it”, so you can “forget it” and move on to the fun stuff.

What’s in the Protect it & Forget it™ Bundle?

  • A Starter Patent – a done for you service by our expert team
    • Gain that all-important ‘patent pending’ status on your marketing materials.
    • You’ll be respected by investors, backers, and licensees.
    • You can confidently share your brilliant ideas with the world, knowing they are protected.
  • Ongoing Support
    • We won’t take your money, file something, and then leave you hanging.
    • We explain what you should be doing after filing.
    • We give you the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to navigate the near future safely.

Protect it & Forget it™ Bundle


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