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Trademarks Introduction

This is another thing I get asked for regularly, and like a patent search, there’s a better way to do it that’s cheaper, faster, and just as effective.

There’s a common misconception about what ™ really means.

Want to learn about this misconception and how to take advantage of it for your benefit? 

The Traditional Way

The traditional way of getting a trademark is to have an attorney register a trademark. The cost averages $1,200.

What inventors usually do: Some people will do it the traditional way and pay for the registered trademark. This will remove $1,200 from their finite resources.

More commonly, people will leave their invention name, brand, or logo unprotected.

The problem with this approach: There are better things you can be doing with your money if you are still in the early stages of your invention. It is likely you are not being noticed right now. Wait until the company is growing and gaining attention before paying for a trademark.

However, if you do nothing, this harms your appearance and professionalism. It looks good to have ™. You’ll get better deals, funding, and more sales with a professional look. Read on for the solution.

Trademarks - FREE PDF Guide

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Trademarks - The Better Way

The good news is you can get all of the perceived benefits of a trademark without actually paying for one. You can put ™ on your name, logo, and slogan right now, for free. Seriously. Go and do it right now.

When you have a registered trademark it’s not ™ that goes on your name, it’s R. So if you’ve been believing that filing a trademark is the only way to get ™, you’re misinformed. The good news is, so is everyone else. When the average Joe sees ™ on your name, they’ll assume you have a registered trademark. Woohoo for you. All of the perceived benefits, and none of the cost.

Your investment: Zero! It’s free.

5 steps to TM

  1. You are allowed to put ™ on your marketing materials for free, without filing anything.
  2. Put ™ in superscript after your invention name.
  3. Put ™ in superscript after your logo.
  4. Put ™ in superscript after your slogan.
  5. That’s it. Easy!


Inventors are being oversold protection services that they don’t need at this time.

You probably will need a registered trademark later once your business is growing and the profits are rolling in. You do not need one now.

Be smart. Be practical. Save your money.

You can start using ™ on your marketing materials right now. You’ll immediately be presenting a more slick and professional image to the world. 

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Download the Trademarks PDF by filling out this form: